In less than six hours, I will have my last final exam in London. A few short hours after that, I will be on a plane, and I honestly do not know if I'll ever spend this much time in Europe again. Consecutively, at least. It's been an amazing journey, and I hope this blog reflects some of that.

I suppose when I get back, I'll try to finish up some of those drafts about my astonishingly long spring break, as well as my return to Barcelona, so keep an eye out for that, I suppose. 


Yeah, don't you feel that the time kind of flew by? I can't believe I only have ~6 weeks left. Part of me will be slightly sad to leave only because I have so much of Europe left to see! We must definitely return and just lounge about on a beach -- maybe Cyprus or Malta or Monaco :) Anyway, yay for tons of drafts waiting to be published. I have so many it's ridiculous. I'm glad I'm not the only one, though, lol.

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